Nagios with Vertias file system

Is there anything special or a different plugin when wanting to monitor veritas file systems? We have one host running Veritas file system and nagios keeps on saying the mounts/partitions aren’t mounted (when they are). Any help on the matter is appreciated.

I have several installations of nagios on server’s using the veritas filesystem. To nagios, it’s just another Solaris system with /, /usr, /var, /tmp and other mount points. I see no reason why you can’t use check_disk -w 30 -c 20 / for a command.

The reason I have nagios installed on many devices is because I want the central nagios machine to accept passive service checks from these machines by using nsca plugin. Nagios likes passive checks and can handle them quicker than it can using active checks like check_nrpe. When checking thousands of checks, it’s quicker to let each device check itself, then pass the info to the central nagios server that has apache installed/running.