nagios2 stylesheet location


This is quite strange…

I’m installing nagios2. All seems to work fine except for the CGI stylesheets…
On the first run i "configure"d a wrong path for --with-htmurl where i put /nagios2. This wasn’t what i wanted so i took this out. now everything works except for the cgi stylesheets which are still set as if they were in the /nagios2/stylesheets/ directory…

i tried reconfiguring and recompiling everything with a make clean to be sure but i still have this problem… It’s no blocking error (i can just create that directory for the CGIs) but I’d like to know what i am doing wrong. :slight_smile: (or maybe a small bug?)

Thanks, Luca


fixed by changing the url_html_path in cgi.cfg.

Still don’t know why configure set it wrong…
Further on compiling the pluigins on solaris 8 requires the nsl library… had to add it by hand in the makefile or the linker doesn’t find it… :frowning:
(added -lnsl at the end of the LIBS line in the plugins/Makefile. Is this worth filing a bug? )



What package is the nsl library in?


not sure but i think it’s a base networking library. the functions which gave errors were get_hostname_by_address and stuff like that.