Nagiosgraph two icons problem



I’m using Nagios 2.7 and i’ve recently installed nagiosgraph to display some nice statistics. It works fine, but not the way (i think) it’s supposed to work. Because instead of one custom icon (graph.gif) that links to the graph, i get 2 icons: one that links to the graph, but has the Notes icon and as alt.text ‘View Extra Service Notes’, and the other one that has the graph.gif icon and should link to the graph, but instead links to the Extra Service Notes :smiley:

Funny problem. So in short, i get 2 icons instead of one and they’re switched around in function.

All entries in my serviceextinfo.cfg look like this:

define serviceextinfo { service_description DNS hostgroup Domaincontrollers notes Graph notes_url /nagiosgraph/show.cgi?host=$HOSTNAME$&service=$SERVICEDESC$ icon_image graph.gif icon_image_alt View graphs }

Any help would be appreciated.




What happens if you remove the lines refering to the icon image and rename your graph icon to “action.gif”?


I have exactly the same problem, but in v3.0rc1 (nagiosgrapher 0.9).

If I remove the two icon_ lines below, then I only get the “View Extra Service Notes” icon, but that takes me to the graphs.

Anyone know how to solve this?

Below is an example snippet from my serviceextinfo.cfg file.

define serviceextinfo {
service_description PING
host_name host1,host2,host3
notes_url /nagiosgraph/show.cgi?host=$HOSTNAME$&service=$SERVICEDESC$
icon_image graph.png
icon_image_alt View graphs


Hi, I know this is an old post… but did you happen to find the solution to this? I just installed nagios and nagiosgraph and am experiencing the same behavior with the graph.gif and notes.gif icon. The icons and corresponding links dont seem to be pointing to the right places.

notes icon --> graphs
graphs icon --> extinfo

Any ideas?