Nagiosgrapher 1.6.1-rc5: graphs not being displayed, getting


Dear Forum Members,

I am facing a problem with NagiosGrapher, whereby the whole config looks fine, and rrd files get generated, but when I click on the ‘icon’ which takes me to the NagiosGrapher page from within Nagios, the NagiosGrapher page loads, but then, the graph.cgi seems to be stuck on loading the rrd graphs. I am not getting any particular error message, but after few minutes, no graph appear, and instead a red ‘X’ appear.

Do you know what the problem could be?
Could it be something wrong with the graph.cgi script?

FYI - I am running Nagios 2.6, with NagiosGrapher 1.6.1-rc5.

Thanks in advance for any support!