Hi folks,

Been playing about with nagios for a wee while now and im struggling with nagiosgrapher. Im using nagios 3.2.1 and nagiosgrapher 1.7.1.

nagios itself works fine and I have installed grapher and i THINK its installed ok becoause it starts fine and writes to its log files and rrd db fine however i dont get an icon for a graph on the “Service Status Details For All Hosts” page so i cannot access the graphs.

I have been following various web sites but mainly following the wolfgang berth nagios 3.0 book but getting nowhere fast with graphing.

i basically have ran through the following sites advice, which is more or less identical to the guide in the book…

I must be missing something but i cant figure out where :frowning:

can someone please advise on whether i may have missed something fundamental.

thanks in advance.