nagiosQL and error 404


Well, I have looked at this until I am blue in the face. I was following through these instructions to install Nagios and NagiosQL
Nagios installed fine and I can get to it. Installed nagiosQL and after finishing I get a HTTP error 404. I do get the certificate just page not found …
I have been back over the configuration and cannot find any errors. The alias is there. But still not able to find it the page.




Dunno about ql and really don’t care much for gui’s when it comes to nagios. The nagios cfg files are simply too easy to bother messing around with a gui.


Well, I can understand some prefer one or the other. No problem with that. But the reply wasn’t much help. Any others?



Did you try to run the test page? yourcomputer/nagiosQL/testQL.php

Remember it is case sensitive.


Sounds like an Apache config issue. I would check your NagiosQL entry in your httpd.conf file. Perhaps the path is wrong or the Apache user does not have rights to the directory?