NagiosQL service definition issue

I have Nagios 2.b4 up and running, and have been using different versions of Nagios for a couple of years. I started using NagiosQL to simplify making changes to the configuration, and that has been working well. Recently however I wanted to add an serviceextinfo.cfg file, and was unable to. When I try with NagiosQL it states: “Attention, no services defined! Saving not possible!”

When I added the serviceextinfo.cfg file manually, and then checked Nagios it confirms a problem with, “Error: Service ‘check_ping’ on host ‘XXXX.Router’ specified in extended service information is not defined anywhere!”. I was sure my services were defined - they are being used, but obviously I have something quite wrong.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.

go back to a previous version (I hope you have your cfg files backedup) and try again…