Nagiostat problem - can't display graph page


I got a problem to display the graph web page from Nagios using nagiostat. When I clicked on the graph icon to open web page such as localhost/nagiostat/ … snake-ping, I got a page of all codes in nagiostat.cgi. Anyone know what is wrong, please help.




Has nagiostat ever worked for you? Or is this your first attempt.


That is my first attempt. I am looking for a way to work with performance data in Nagios.



Did you put this in your apache?
ScriptAlias /nagiostat/ /usr/local/nagios/nagiostat/
<Directory /usr/local/nagios/nagiostat>
AllowOverride AuthConfig
Options +ExecCGI
Order allow,deny
Allow from all


You are right. I missed ScriptAlias settings in Apache. The readme file in nagiostat is mentioned to add Alias settings in Apache not ScriptAlias.

Anyway, thanks a lot!