Nagiostats documentation


Can you point to me the documentation on how to configure and use nagiostats please



Untar the file and read the README. It’s all in there.


I don’t know if we have the same nagiostats in mind. When I installed Nagios 20b I found nagiostats in my nagios/bin dorectory. It’s not descriebed in the README file in the nagios-2.0b2.tar.tar


nagiostat is an external package didn’t know it ships with nagios…

check here:



In that case, looking at the nagiostat.conf file gives you a good idea of what to configure and how to configure it. To customize the graphs that are outputted, you will have to read alot about rrdtool. The man pages for rrdcreate, rrdgraph, etc are extreamely thorough, but complex.


and here you find the manpages in HTML and a couple of tutorials explaining a lot about rrdtool and how it works :wink: