Nagiosweb doesnot take affect?


I have installed the nagiosweb per README,now I should see the new links at the bottom of the left side.I clicked on hosts option to enter ‘add Host’ page. it will let me re-fill options in the page when I clicked ‘add host’ button after I have filled up the options in the page. it seems the nagiosweb doesnot take affect?




ask who wrote nagiosweb… :slight_smile:
Joke apart… never used it. sorry… still using vi.



I can use vi but my fellow cannot
and that I aslo translate english into chinese

Minquan,a friend from China~~


learn vi… :smiley:
or if you have a graphical interface use the dfifferent edit, nedit, kedit, gedit or whatever text editor your interface has. :slight_smile:

Or use notepad if you have FTP access.

OR try the other programs which do the same… like fruity (there’s a sticky thread on top of the forum)

many ways for one problem :slight_smile:



Luca,I want to know which way do you use to add hosts,services,and so on. vi *cfg or the other interface web?


I use vi.
Not having direct access to the server and connecting via SSH it’s the fastest solution.



U can try using those other programs, but I have found vi the easiest.

For example:
I want to add a new service check on 100 of the hosts. The service check is the same for each one, so only the host_name is different.
using vi it’s simple.
vi services.cfg
7yy to yank 7 lines from the file
100p to paste it 100 times.
modify the host_name for each of the 100 and your done.

Now do that with your fancy web interface, and you will be pointing and cliking your way to carpal tunnel a day later. I’ll be done in 30 minutes.


Jakkedup there’s even an easier way… :slight_smile:

IF it’s exactly the same service you can just add the hosts names in one single service definition.

Using the output of the “Host Detail” page, awk, and a bit of cut and paste i can add a service for all hosts in… what… say 5 minutes? :slight_smile:

I Believe much depends on being GUI addicted or not… i started to work on nagios in vi and i continued… the trend will be towards the GUIs… i fear. well what the heck could be useful working in the IT business… :smiley: