Nagvis/nagdom database problem


This is my first post, so HELLO! and don’t be angry for mistakes (in english too :wink: )

I have instaled Nagios and I wanted to add Nagvis to Nagios, but I have problem with nagdom.
I’m installing it like in README and when I’m doing

 /etc/nagios/ndo2db -c /etc/nagios/ndo2db.cfg

it shows me:

Support for the specified database server is either not yet supported, or was not found on your system.

I’m usung MySQL and this database is supported in NagVis.

In README file is sometging like that:

If the configure script is unable to locate your MySQL or PostgreSQL development
libraries, you may need to help it out by using the --with-mysql-lib or
--with-pgsql-lib options.  Here's an example:

	./configure --with-mysql-lib=/usr/lib/mysql

I was trying that too and it not works :confused:

I think, that directory /usr/lib/mysql is good, because thys files are there:

ls /usr/lib/mysql  mysqld.sym

Nagios and mysql is installed by yast. I don’t know, that it can be the reason.
But I coopied to other directories NagVis files.
For example in README was

cp config/ndomod.cfg /usr/local/nagios/etc

and I did

cp config/ndomod.cfg /etc/nagios/

If you need README file or some config files, please tell me, because i can’t add them to post (bad extension)

If someon instaled NagVis, please help me. I was looking for some solution, but I have no idea what con be wrong :frowning:
Thanks in advance!