NC_Net Windows Plugin and Incorrect Host Information


I am using the NC_Net Windows agent ( to monitor my windows machines. However, on a couple boxes, the plugin is either returning incorrect data (it is obviously incorrect as it reports processor utilization at 4294967295 percent) or it says it can not connect to get the dat. I know the plugin is working because it will return other variables. I have tree other boxes similarly configured that have the exact same issue. 40+ other boxes work fine. I think it may be a microsoft .dll issue, but since these are production boxes, i want to be sure before i make any changes. Anyone ever see the same type of issue?


There is a setting in the config file, that deals with cpu dual/single. Change that setting and try again.


That is a good suggestion and ill look into it, but i am not sure its going to fix the issue. The same config, with the same plugin version, on the same nagios box is working correctly on other 2 proc boxes in my racks. I originally thought it might be a xenon issue as these boxes are Xenon’s, my others are Opteron, but other Xenon boxes are workign just fine. If you can think of anything that might be related to xenons specifically i would definately interested.