NDO Utils


Hi I am trying to install NDO Utils but on Nagios restart/start it states.

ndomod: still unable to connect to data sink.xxx items lost, xxxx queued items to flush

I have re configured the config files and trued every thing.
Is there any advicse as to why I cannot get it to work



i installed the 1.4B7 and 1.4B8 easily.
what u need to check :

  • the user that connect to mysql database : same in all cfg files ? password ok ? it has the rights to the nagios db ?
  • are you using or socket ? be sure the ports used arent blocked ( port to mysl serveur by example)
  • check ndo2db.cfg ,nagios.cfg and ndomod.cfg. Be sure informations are same (same communication mode, same users and passwd, same db name etc )
  • check your line command in nagios.cfg for the event broker

it’s usually a mismatch between the cfg files and/or a problem with the mysql nagios db.