Need a better swap usage plugin


So I have looked and looked for a better swap plugin for linux. Yes there are a ton of ways to get the current “usage” but most of those plugins also put the cached swap into the mix, and if Linux never lets go of that swap (because it is cached or whatever reason) this confuses most people (especially management and dba’s)

What I am wanting is something that will show me real stats of current swap, sort of like what sar can do. Something like this:
10:00:01 AM pswpin/s pswpout/s
10:10:01 AM 0.48 0.00
10:20:01 AM 0.02 0.00

Does anyone know of a plugin that show you current swapping activity? What I mean by that is when the system is actually reading/writing from the swap?


This might not be what you expect, but managment and DBA’s shouldn’t be looking at data they don’t understand. =)

anyway, you could always take some top output or whatever other system to get swap data you like to use and parse it with some grep, awk or other search/string/regex tool you like and create a small plugin that does exactly what you like.