Need easy to read dashboard


My upper management wants some kind of dashboard to show everyone how our servers are doing. We are currently using nagios to monitor our servers so I would like to do something with nagios. I found nagdash but can’t get it to work properly. I need a dashboard that will indicate green for everything is ok, yellow for issues and red for down. Oh and it can only display about 10 servers per page and each page needs to be broken up into diffrent sections such as by office or by service type.

Ok, so now that I have that said, does anyone have any ideas?


to break by office you need to use servergroups… nagios cant’ know where your servers are located…

personally i like the nuvola theme which is more on light grey than black… worth a look, there are more i believe but i haven’t looked for a while… would be nice if you report any interesting findings :smiley: