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What exactly is a malformed packet?
I play this one online game and this game is the only program I use that gives me the Malformed Packet log, i never get these types of logs in firefox-Iexplore or anything else, its just only in this game, why is that?
And when i check on the firewall ACL rules it blocks the IP that is sending me these packets, atleast I assume it is blocking them I’m not really to familiar with wireshark yet.
Thanks for your time.


Wireshark apparently reports malformed packets when the protocol dissector fails to decode the packet.

I expect this may follow from either a software bug in the dissector, or the packet source failing to follow the protocol rules.

If you have correctly applied an acl blocking the source ip, then someone on your subnet is spoofing the ip address. Look at the Ethernet II Source. If it matches the mac address of your router, then you have a problem in your acl. If not, some one else on your subnet is up to no good: see what other ip address originate from this mac address.