Need help with CheckCounter


Using NSClient++ to monitor Nonpaged Memory but cannot get Max/Min to tie to the monitor output. On my W2K3 server in NSC.ini I have:
check_nonpaged=CheckCounter “Counter=\Memory\Pool Nonpaged Bytes” then in my Nagios server, from plugins folder I run this command:
check_nrpe -H -c check_nonpaged -n the result is always: OK all counters within bounds.|’\Memory\Pool Nonpaged Bytes’=170000384;0;0; What I am trying to get is a warning when the bytes exceed 100MB. I haven’t been able to get this no matter the combination of MaxWarn or MinWarn. Any suggestions? Much appreciated! (my NSClient++ ver is 3.7 and NRPE plugin is ver 2.12).