Need snmp plugin help please


I’m having a problem getting the snmp plugin to work in my Nagios setup.

My setup is a Linux server with Nagios installed and working for all the “public” services. The servers I’m most interested in monitoring are AIX 5.2 boxes. I want to try snmp first before I try nrpe (which I do have working for Windows remote hosts).

I have net-snmp installed on the Linux box by following the “long instructions” at

Then I installed the snmp plugin on the Linux server by following the instructions at … index.html.

I edited the /etc/snmpd.conf file on the remote AIX server and cycled the
snmpd service. Snmp was already installed; not sure of the version.

logging file=/usr/tmp/snmpd.log enabled
logging size=0 level=0

community public
community private readWrite
community system readWrite 1.17.2

view 1.17.2 system enterprises view
trap public 1.2.3 fe # loopback
smux gated_password # gated
smux dpid_password #dpid
smux dpid_password # dpid
snmpd smuxtimeout=200 #muxatmd
smux muxatmd_password #muxatmd

SNMP checked disks

disk / 5%
disk /usr 5%
disk /var 10%
disk /boot 1%

SNMP checked Processes

proc crond
proc ntpd
proc sshd
proc syslogd
proc klogd

When I try to run the plugin command manually on the Linux box I get:
/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_snmp_disk -v -H testserver -C public
check_snmp_disk: Verbose mode activated
check_snmp_disk: Hostname set to testserver
check_snmp_disk: Community set to public
check_snmp_disk: Error #1
check_snmp_disk: Could not fetch list of disks
check_snmp_disk: Returning 3

I noticed that snmpd is not running on my Linu:evil:nagios) box, but it is
running on my remote AIX box. I’m not sure of the version on the AIX box.

Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.




Can you access the data using snmpget by hand?