Need to run TRACERT (?)



I am monitoring a network that has a dynamic IP address under a cable modem. Behind that is a router, with different devices hanging off of it. Sometimes the router gets a little flakey and need to be power cycled. Sometimes the ISP (cable company) just goes sideways. I “guess” when as host is unreachable, after so many failures, I need to run TRACERT and find out where the failure is, and log that info on my server. The cable modem is not ping-able from the WAN, but it is when logged into the router. The cable modem is in bridge mode.

Anyone had to do this before? If so, how did you do it?



Help, anyone? Anything??? Options???


[html] Event Handlers (info for Nagios 2 here, Nagios 3 here) can help you shades.png