Net-snmp: viewing the disk usage of a remote host


I’ve installed nagios 2.6 and nagios-plugins-1.4.5 on my Redhat box

Could you please point out what are the next steps so that I can monitor the /var of the remote hosts?

the net-snmp should be installed on the nagios server? the remote hosts?
how should we integrate net-snmp with nagios and nagios plugins?

If anyone have done this before, please share the steps you went trough as this is not documented on the web.

Many thanks.


If you are looking to monitor the /var/adm/messages file on the remote hosts, you can do this using nrpe and the scan_log plugin I developed which you can get from the NagiosExchange at: … nagext_pi1[p_view]=556

You can get nrpe from the nagios downloads page at: