Network printer counters by Nagios


I have lots of Kyocera network printers. I’m using nagios and monitorin status of this network printers. Does anyone know, how can i see printer counters like
Monochrome: 1057
Full Color: 1360
Total: 2417
I can configure printer and mail a report like this by smtp. But i want to Nagios by using snmp.

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What you can do is search… …I did that with our Konica printer. I have a program called the Dude and with that (and some other programs I guess) I can do a snmpwalk and then I search the strings there for a matching value. I guess you can see on a web page the status of these counters and if you do a snmpwalk at the same time you should be able to find these values in the Dude. Then you can copy the OID value and paste it to your config file. Just remember that you might have to add a dot before the OID value, they usually start with a dot. . etc…