Network Printer Monitroing


I would like to know about adding more service definations for monitoring network printers. As per documentation I have added two (ping & Printer status). Any idea about command line for monitring below parameters.
Paper Jam ,
Out of Paper
Printer Offline
Intervention Required
Toner Low
Insufficient Memory
Open Door
Output Tray is Full …etc

Monitoring Printer using: check_snmp: Does anyone know for SNMP MIB OID for HP printers.
Also does nagios monitor about " Users firing bulk printing - say eg more than 50 pg at time"…etc.

Thanks in advance.



I thought to monitor printers with nagios but I found utility from HPjetwebadmin (our printers are all HP). Which actually does all the issue you mentioned above and sends email. HPjetwebadmin utility is free from HP website.

Off course nagios can monitor you printers as well but i personally think it would be time consuming to tweaking all those in nagios.