New Install help with CGI


I was able to follow the instructions and install nagios and fix my first problem with the logging in by changing the directotyIndex in the httpd.conf file. Now I have a problem where all items in the sidebar appear as links and when I click on them they error out. I checked the error_log file and it says:

File does not exist: /usr/local/nagios/share/<, referer: localhost/nagios/side.php

I am a real newb when it comes to Fedora and Apache so any and all help would be much appreciated.



what configure options did you use?
or was it a precompiled package?


I followed the quickstart instructions for Fedora. I used the 3.1.0 tar file to do the install with. I used a terminal session and did the work as root.

Should I try with the stable version instead?

thanks for the help


sorry, i use debian and install from source, so i couldn’t help even if you had posted a link to the instructions :slight_smile:

Most problems i remember on these forums with fresh installs were due to some precompiled package.

If you feel comfortable with source installs or you just have a bit of time you may just fetch the sources and compile them… usually it just requires a “./configure” and some make commands.
It’s usually worth the trouble it makes, because you get to know the options you have and how the system is installed.