New Installation problem


I have just completed installation on a new hard drive of Fedora Core 5. Upon completing the installation, i followed the instructions found here When I get to the section that informs me I should have 5 subdirectories, I only have 4 - bin, sbin, share and var. I am missing the etc directory. I do not want to go any further. The only other issue, not sure if it matters, during the ./configure portion, it said Embedded Perl: no. Everything else looks ok. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


I don’t like the idea that the nagios docs don’t explicitly state all the commands that you can run while installing nagios.
So, you have to pay attention and read the output on your screen, after the “make install” is finished. It says something like run make install-whatever" to do this, that or the other thing. Bottom line is, do as luca suggested, but also run some of the other ones too, like the one for the init scripts, and also the one for setting up the external command file permissions.


About perl, read the docs. Too much to explain in this thread. … dperl.html


what do you mean “do as luca suggested?” he has not replied to this thread. After make install, the next command is make install-init. These commands completed successfully from the messages on the screen. I can add them if necessary.


Sorry, i just copied that from a reply I made to an almost identical problem.
After you have ran make install, there are other things you can run. Pay attention to them, read them, and one of them will allow you to run something that will install the sample config files in etc directory. OK?
So run this:
make install
read the ending of it and install the config files to get your etc/