New to nagios

hi Dmjmusser,

thank you very much for giving this fantastic forum link to me. i’m really greatfull. thank again. i am new to nagios, pls help to install it from the begining, including all the commands and reference. i installed once and couldn’t load the monitoring screen. pls, tell me what i should do to start with.


INstal it again reading the docs from the first to the last line… :slight_smile:
And if you are instlling version 2.0 check the sticky thread about the documentation problems.


Well, if you follow the installation guide then things should work fine (unless, like Luca mentioned, you’re trying to install a 2.X version). If you still have issues, post specifically what problems you have (symptoms, error messages and/or logs, etc).

Unfortunately, telling you how to install Nagios from start to finish in a forum is illogical (and as Spock has so often shown us, we can’t be having that). It would make for a very long post and would probably annoy people reading the thread that want to help.

If you have an existing setup, let’s try and figure out what we need to fix. Or you can try a fresh install (following the docs carefully, of course) and we can go from there.

Actually, it’s quite easy.
That is the installation from start to finish, so what more could we want?

what version of Nagios did you install and on what platform?

nagios-2.0.tar.gz on centos