Newbee needs Help needed to run the Nagios config script


I am using fedora core 6 and found the quick start on the nagios website and got off to a good start until section 3 Compile and Install Nagios, first part of extracting the Nagios source code tarball was initially an issue as i did not recognise that i had to continue the command any way pass that and onto running the config script. This shows my lack of knowledge in this subject, so please help.

What is it that i am to do with the following
./configure --with-command-group=nagcmd

Please can someone fill in the blanks for me as it is obviously not what is written there.


You are up to the point where you compile the source code.

The “–with-command-group=nagcmd” is specifying the user that your web server in your case is running under. This is so Nagios can execute the CGI scripts. With Fedora Core 6 and the default apache rpm the --with-command-group=apache should be used since thats the way apache is configured by default on RedHat/Fedora distros. If your running a custom compiled version of Apache issue a "grep “^User” /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf or wherever your httpd.conf is specified.


There may be an easier way. On what distro are you going to host nagios? If it is RPM based (RH, FC, Centos) you can install it all with YUM. Just add the dag yum repo and ‘yum install nagios’ ‘yum install nagios plugins’

Let us know the distro and I can provide more yum detail if applicable…