Newbie nagios concept question


Greetings all,

Am new to nagios, just one concept need your input, I already setup a nagios server, it can monitor the services on its own, however I want to use it to monitor other servers and services, how to configure on the “client” side? please specify with part of online docs is for this. Thanks.




There is not much info in the NRPE and NSCA section, and I m not sure which addon should I download.

do I need to install nagios on each server that I want to monitor?

appreciate any quick input. Thanks.




Take a look at the plugins at

If you plan to have a huge setup, then make most of your checks passive and not active. What you have now is active (meaning it’s the nagios server doing the checking).

First you have to decide what it is you want out of nagios. For me, I wanted to know exactly where our network trouble is, so I monitor every switch and port used to connect one switch to another or to a router and finally the port used for a host that is of importance along with the important services on that server. i.e. oracle tablespace free, disc space, etc.

So yea, make a general plan, and then for for it. Use the plugins to allow connections to the central server running nagios, and most of all, read the readme files that come with the plugins.


Oh and the README that comes with NSCA is complete as far as I can tell. So I dunno how you figured it is lacking, but perhaps it is. Looked great to me.


thanks for the input.

I only checked online docs for 2.x, there is not much info there, not the readme file comes with the pkg. I will download one and read…

does it mean I only need to install NSCA on the client side, seems it needs plugins too for passive checking … ? what is addOn? any definition for that?




I think you should first read the nagios docs again and slowly add one service check on a remote machine by using nsca. The readme that comes with nsca should help you, and also the nagios docs explain what you need to do for passive checks and how to use nsca.

The idea is that there will be a NSCA daemon running on the central nagios server. That daemon listen’s for a nsca client. When a nsca client connects it will pass the data it has to the daemon. The daemon will then pass this data to the nagios daemon. Nagios will then parse the data and display it.

Now how the nsca client get’s its data is another story, and depends completely on what remote setup you choose to use. I personally use a mini nagios setup on any 'nix type boxes, or Solaris or whatever. But with WinBlows boxes, there are things like NC_Net that you can setup on the remote winblows box that has nsca built right into it.

So download a few of these, read the readme’s that come with them, see if it will work for you, and try em out. So far, they are all pretty much complete.


I appreciate your suggestion. will read more.