Newbie Ques. Nagios web interface modification



I want to monitor the status of a web service by sending a url to it requesting status info. I can use check_http with verbose mode to get a web service status page. I plan to use ?awk? to format the html into whatever format I need.

Can anybody suggest how I can integrate the result into the nagios web interface.

Can I add an item to the menu sidebar?

Can I append data to the servive info display?


  1. you should use the plugin with any other rpgram to give out OK, WARNING or CRITICAL…

  2. What result you wan tintegrated? the web page itself you are checking?

  3. yes you can add elemnts to the sidebar… check the HTML files…

  4. The service info display is a CGI so you will have to work on the c file and recompile it…