Newbie questions: How can I run multiple services one after


[html] I Created a Jar (from Java) file that checks my DB, this Jar can get an argument that defines which test it should run on the DB.

And so I’ve created 10 services in my Nagios where every service sends a different argument to my Jar file.

Till now everything is good, but I want to schedule Nagios to run all of the checks not by a time schedule because I don’t want these DB checks to happen at the same time, so I want Nagios to run the second service when the first service is done! to run the third service only when the second service is done.

I thought about defining MAX_CONCURRENT_SERVICES to 1 but I can’t because this Nagios runs also several other services (like ping etc) that should run all the time and my tests can take about half an hour each.

Please help me, how can I configure the Nagios to run these services one after the other and not at the same time? [/html]