No email notification when host is down (really not down, si



I’ve a problem with email notification. I have a host that don’t accept any icmp packet (like ping), so nagios think host is down. Service check works correctly, i can see from web interface if is all ok.
If a service goes unavailable, nagios don’t send email notification, only report it in the web interface. This make Nagios useless, because i can’t stand in front of nagios web interface waiting my services goes down :smiley:

What should i do? i have no idea…

Nagios version 2.6, plugin version 1.4.5

thanks in advance


Hello montag,

Are you receiving email notifications for the other services? … If not, then check if you are able to send mail directly from the linux machine.

If that does not work either , then install sendmail or check your settings ( typically found under /etc/mail )

Hope that helps.