No notification if Nagios itself was down, how?


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I have two redundant Nagios instances. When one of them goes down, the other one continues monitoring my sites and servers which is great.
However, when the instance that was down (due to temporary network outage, so Nagios has continued running), comes up again, it notifies me of the recovery of every host/server it monitors. What I know, but what Nagios doesn’t know, is that these hosts/servers haven’t been down, but Nagios itself was ‘down’ (i.e. without network connection).

Is there any way that anyone can think of to prevent these notifications from being sent?
I’m using Nagios 3 by the way…

Oh, while we’re at it…if a site does go down with two running instances, I get two notifications (which is what I expect). Is there a better way to handle this scenario while still having redundancy in my monitoring?

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use “parents” and don’t notify for the unreachable status, that should cut off a lot of notifications.