No Output! Error when running pythong script



we have a python script that works fine at the command line but when I put it into nagios, I get this error :

(No Output!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I already made sure that nagios.nagios has ownership of the python script.



Hi NF,

I am having the same problem with a perl script. Where you ever able to resolve this issue?


you can try these ideas: … .php?12776

Also, make sure that in your script, all the paths are absolute path (ie: /my/path/) instead of relative paths (ie: …/…/my/path)

and also, try a nagios restart, so that nagios uses all the environment variables you currently have

edit: I forgot, but you can try to redirect all the error output to the standard output, so that nagios will read it…
(I’ve encountered this a few times: the script was writing on the error output because through nagios, there were some problems … so nagios just says “no output!”; I just had to redirect the error output to the standard output to see that my perl script had some errors …)