No route to host



one of my server is up and its services are also working fine.but in nagios it shows me.No route to host err mssgs.
has any one come across such a problem and can any one help me out with this.
the os on tht server is fedora core 1



If these errors are persistant, then there is a problem in your config.

If the errors are sporadic, then you have network problems.


can you ping the host?



Hi luca.Yes i can ping the host.but nagios shows it down :frowning:


just check you configs.
can you ping the host from the nagios machine?


Yes i am able to ping the host from my nagios machine.
all configs are correct

wht can go wrong



what service did you define for the host?




log in as nagios on the nagios machinge. Run the check_ping command by hand and paste the output. Paste the su - nagios output also.


you can run the command in the diretory of libexec. then do a ./check_ping … lets us know whats the result.