Non-existant entries still showing up


I’ve recently inherited the Nagios administration job at my company. I am slowly getting the hang of it, seems pretty straight foward.

However I am having a real problem with ghost entries showing up. I have deleted two servers from the system, really I did, I grep all the config files and there is no more evidence of these servers. Yet we are still getting the messages the server is down. I checked all nagios servers(production, and test) yet they are still coming.

Any ideas, i am trying to figure what is going on here.

Please help thanks, a nagios novice.


a) stop nagios, ps -ef | grep nagios, check for survivors, kill them, start nagios. Never use nagios restart again
b) are you sure the messages are coming from the server you are working on? not rom a test server or something else?


thanks, that seems to have done the trick.


looks like the restart command is bugged since version 1.x… O_o

Use reload instead of restart and you shouldn’t have problems again :slight_smile:


We are still getting the message that the server is down. I checked all the Nagios servers but they are still in progress. Use the site to reload again and you should not have problems again.