Non-Pingable IPs


I need some opinions, if you all would be so kind.

My company has several distribution centers located in various parts of the United States. About two-thirds of these DC’s are all connected to us by the same company, Qwest, so I put the IP’s for Qwest as parent hosts for all of the switches/servers in the appropriate DC’s. Unfortunately, these IP addresses are apparently unpingable, so they consistantly return “DOWN” regardless of whether or not they are actually down.

Do any of you have any other ideas on how I can use these two parent hosts to notify us if our circuit goes down to spare us twenty different notifications?

If you need more information, I will try to share. Thanks!



You don’t need to use the standard ‘check-host-alive’ ping check as the host check, you can use a different one and define it’s status through somthing else - for example it’s response from check_snmp, or perhaps use check_traceroute - assuming of course that the IP addresses do indeed actually respond to something :shock:




I will take a look at both of those options, but I can’t find check_traceroute. It is not in my installation nor can I find it in If it makes a difference, I am running version 2.4, not 3…


If you have a look where you unpacked your nagios plugins tarball it’ll be in the contrib sub directory (they don’t get installed by default) - infact in v1.4.11 there are 2, and - haven’t tried the second one as it had requirements for modules I don’t got and can’t be bothered to install, but the first one works, after a fashion anyway. It’s not great - even the author admits that its [blockquote]Prob pretty weak[/blockquote] - but it might be enough to get you where you want to be…