Non ssl NRPE daemon



can anyone tell me how to compile NRPE daemon that works for non SSL?



you have to compile it that way

./configure --disable-ssl




I used to compile it that way but still my check_nrpe cannot connect to the remote host running nrpe daemon.
I used to run check_nrpe with -n (non-ssl) and compile remote daemon with --disable-ssl. I still receiving this error :
"No data returned: wrong SSL option, or IP address not authorised?"
Any Idea why?


read the README that came with nrpe again please. You have to config xinted/nrpe to allow connections from…


Hi, check these steps:

  • use the last nrpe plugin (2.:evil:
  • use the same version of nrpe on BOTH side
  • compile without ssl (–diable-ssl)
  • check you run nrpe on BOTH side without ssl


and check your configuration file for allowed host !