Nordic Nagios Meet


[size=150]Nordic Nagios Meet, June 3-4, 2008[/size]

Welcome to the first Nordic Nagios Meet in Stockholm June 3-4. The very first Nordic event focusing on IT Operation Management!

Come and meet key open source profiles and discuss the future of their OSS Projects, technical news, market trends and listen to case studies focusing on business value. There will be open discussions on developement and technology challenges.

Key speakers:

  • Ethan Galstad, founder of Nagios
  • Tobias Oetiker, founder of RRD Tools
  • Balazs Scheidler, founder of SysLog-NG
  • Andreas Ericsson, developer and member of Nagios enterprise advisory bord
  • and more to come!

Register Today!
Join us at the Nordic Nagios Meet - were you will meet and discuss with friends from the community, organisations and companies using the same solutions as you, and not to forget - have a good time!

If you just want to register your interest we will keep you posted. But if you would like to take advantage of the early bird offer



as I couldn’t go there (lack of days off and lack of money), could someone give a report of how the meeting was ?

I really wish I could have come.
BTW: any chance of seeing a nagios meeting elsewhere ? :slight_smile: