normal_check_interval misconception


Hi All,

It seems like I’m missing something about the value of my normal_check_interval. I have almost all of my services setup with a normal_check_interval of 5. This would mean that, looking at the “Service Check Scheduling Queue” all upcomming checks should be lined up within the next 5 minutes. Strangely enough The scheduling queue stretches out over about two hours.

Is a “normal_check_interval” of 5 minutes the ‘gap’ between a check and the next one in line? Or should, every check independantly from the other, run every 5 minutes nevertheless? In that case I don’t understand why the queue stretches out over two hours.

Or am I missing something else?

All help is greatly appreciated.

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the check interval 5 would then depend on what you have defined an “inteval” as.
If nagios.cfg has this:
then yes,
normal_check_interval of 5 would be 5 minutes.
service_interleave_factor=s in nagios.cfg should NOT be changed.
max_concurrent_checks=0 should NOT be changed.
auto_reschedule_checks=0 should NOT be changed. Checks will be scheduled according to your service check settings of:
parallelize_check 1
normal_check_interval 5

If your checks are spread over 2 hours, then perhaps that is how your service check is setup for that particular service.
check_for_orphaned_services=1 in nagios.cfg might help too.