Not Expand in hostdependency


I have a trouble with definition of hostdependency, if you can help i would be grateful.


I defined some hostgroups like:

define hostgroup{
hostgroup_name A1
alias A1

Then i defined this template:

define host{
name h-A1
hostgroups +A1
register 0


define hostdependency {
dependent_hostgroup_name A1
host_name V-A1
inherits_parent 1
execution_failure_criteria d
notification_failure_criteria d

For last i used this template in each host that i needed, for example:

define host{
use other_template,h-A1
host_name A1-host1
alias A1-host1-aa

Well, i think that this schema is correct but when I launch the nagios, it shows me the message:

Error: Could not expand dependent hostgroups and/or hosts specified in host dependency.

Someone knows what happened?
Thanks and sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:


are you sure it works with hostgroups too?


Hi Luca, thanks for your reply.
Well , I supossed that must work. But now, I read that hosts can be dependent one or more host. So, I think not. Thanks Luca, just started with Nagios and I´m any lost…

I have read more… I´m trying… :stuck_out_tongue: