Notification period rotation and acknowledgements


I need to implement a notification rotation to support different primary/secondary support contacts during the day, which also changes during the week. I tried to find a feature in nagios which supports this and I couldn’t so I’m posting here to ask what is the best way to do this. I’m thinking that I’ll probably have to set up some external crontab job to change contacts.cfg (i.e. have a different version of contacts.cfg for each rotation), but then I’ll also need to restart nagios for the new contacts.cfg to take effect. Is this correct? Has anyone done this a different way?

I was also trying to find a feature in nagios that would continue the notification/escalation policy until an event/error has been acknowledged by a person. Is there an acknowledgement feature in nagios or is this something I’ll have to build myself?


timeperiods and escalations should be what you are looking for.
Check the nagios screenshots and docs, there is an acknowledge function.


If you know your employee’s schedule, then define that schedule in timeperiods.cfg and then set that in the contact.cfg for that employee. If the person’s schedule changes, then make a new entry in timeperiods.cfg and fix his contact.
Add the proper hosts/services to the proper hostgroup and add that user to a contactgroup, then add that contact group to the hosts/services.

You most likely will have every employee in the contact_group, but only some of them will be working on a particular day/night, so simply setup there entry in contact.cfg file to reflect those hours. Nagios will notify the group, but the group will only have some people with the correct timeperiod at any given time.

As far as the acknowledement thing, " This command is used to acknowledge a service problem. When a service problem is acknowledged, future notifications about problems are temporarily disabled until the service changes state (i.e. recovers). Contacts for this service will receive a notification about the acknowledgement, so they are aware that someone is working on the problem."
Escalations are also well documented in the docs.


Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. The requirement is for a notification rotation, not how to implement notifications/escalations. Unfortunately, it looks like nagios does not have this feature so I am left with dealing with this weekly, since the notification schedule will change weekly. I was looking for ideas on how to do this, not a canned message which just states to go look at the documentation.

As for the acknowledgement feature, I could not find this documented anywhere, even the quote previously posted. I am looking at the version 1.0 documentation that comes with nagios-1.2. Either it is buried somewhere that it’s difficult to find or it is in another version. It probably would have been easier to include the command with the quote in your post, but you didn’t so I have to ask what section it is in.


If you are changing the schedule of these employees then it appears that you will have to notify nagios about these changes in some manner. My explanation was to modify the contacts.cfg file so nagios knows what the new schedule is. If that answer was not good enough for you, then TFB. Get your assistance from someone else who cares to help you.

Perhaps I"ll share the info about acknowledgement and where I got that from at a later date. I’ll have to double check my reply first though, to make sure it will pass your criteria for acceptance, and that may take some time.


In other words, if you don’t like the reply someone makes, it might be wise not to belittle that assistance, even though it may be incorrect, faulty, lacking, not sufficient, whatever. An attitude will get nothing more from me.


I did some checking and the acknowledgement feature (for those interested, it is invoked with the ACKNOWLEDGE_SVC_PROBLEM command) is only available in nagios-2.x which is a beta version, which I can’t use, so this feature is not available. Not a real big deal though as nagios will be replaced in the near future.

I had originally thought that this forum would be helpful, but I have only found that my posts have provided solutions for others who may come across similar problems. Thanks anyway!


“Acknowledge this service problem” is available in V1.2, so sorry, you are wrong and will have to keep grasping for straws.

As for as your 9 posts to this forum are concerned, I doubt that your problems have provided ANY solutions for anyone, since you can’t seem to solve them even with assistance from the many who have attempted to assist you.


WOW! So thet means i used a hidden easter egg feature in 1.2?

Incredibly strange as it’s in every service problem screen i remember.

Wish you best of luck solving your problem, sorry i made you spend time reading a stupid answer.