Notification stopped


Hi all,

I recently upgraded to the testing release version 3.1. However it seems that in doing this, my notifications have stopped working (email and sms). I’ve had a google and can’t seem to find any posted issues about it. Is there anything else that I have missed that may cause notifications to stop?
I followed the instructions for upgrading in the docs and my site version shows 3.1 (except on the front page).



There have been a couple of posts on here regarding similar experiences after upgrading to 3.0.6 and/or 3.1 - seems like it might be broken. One of the posters was considering posting to the nagios-devel mailing-list… might be worth having a swing by that and seeing if it has come up and whether or not the issue is known or if there might be a fix




Did you look at the log file (/usr/local/nagios/var/nagios.log) to see if it shows any errors? I just had an e-mail problem on my installation and looked at the log to fix it. My problem was a little different though because I’m running 3.0.6 and moved from SuSE to Fedora.

Anyway, I found my problem was that it was looking in the wrong directory for the “mail” program. It was looking in /usr/bin/mail, but it should have been looking in /bin/mail instead. I just made a sym link from one to the other and it started working again.

Hope that helps.