Notifications issues



I have user A that is notified of a down host/server between 7 AM and 12 PM.
I have user B that is notified of a down host/server between 0 AM and 12 PM (aka 24/7).

host C is configured to be monitored 24/7, with “notification_interval = 180 min”.

Now the scenario :
06:50 : host C is down
06:50 : user B receives a notification (let’s assume he’s away and does not correct the issue)

07:00 : user A starts his shift.

09:50 : user A and B receive a notification

So, my problem here is that user A is not warned of the “down” state when he starts his shift, for almost 3 hours :confused:

Is there a right way to correct this ?



i don’t think escalations are a solution to this problem…

i think there’s a default problem in how your user’s work is organized.
If there’s a problema t shift change there should be enough info available for the user starting the shift… either he looks at the nagios conosle or he get’s informed directly… i don’t think nagios has a system to throw a notification if it’s not due to a check and an elapsed notification timer.