NRPE 2.6 Released


[html] A new version of the NRPE addon has just been released. Version 2.6 can
be downloaded from

Changes since the 2.5.2 release are listed below:

- Added -u option to check_nrpe to return UNKNOWN states on socket
timeouts (Bjoern Beutel)

- Added connection_timeout variable to NRPE daemon to catch dead client
connections (Ton Voon)

- Added graceful timeout to check_nrpe to ensure connection to NRPE
daemon is properly closed (Mark Plaksin)

Updates on the status of Nagios 3.x development and the next release of
the NDOUtils addon will be announced in the next few days, so stay
tuned. :frowning:

Ethan Galstad,
Nagios Developer