NRPE and check_inofrmix failure


I have installed NRPE successfully on a remote machine and I am able to use the default plugins without issue (check_users, check_ssh, etc.).

I grabbed the check_informix pluin from the Monitoring Exchange website. I am able to get a response if I run the command locally on the box I am monitoring, but if I try to run the command via NRPE I get the message “Status: fail”.

Any ideas? NRPE seems to work with all other check commands, but not this one. If I copy the command syntex from the the nrpe.cfg command definition it works, but if I call through NRPE…/check_nrpe -H -c check_informix it fails.

What am I missing?


I have only experience with the php version of check_mssql but… did you change the owner of the script to nagios?


Yes, the plugin is is owned by nagios and group owned by nagios.