NRPE check_disk command

I’ve been running nrpe on remote hosts fine the only problem is that on 3 particular hosts I can not get the check_disk command to work. I have three checks that are defined in the nrpe.cfg file. They all say Disk Critical Free Space: (it’s blank here) and the 3rd one says NRPE:Command check_disk not defined. I have the same service running on 3 other hosts perfectly fine. I have even copied the cfg file and am using that.

Can anyone give me a heads up to what might be going on.

Thanks Ahead Time

make sure the cfg file is owned by the correct user and try restarting nrpe on the client.

If you are running these checks on Linux hosts, the default command in nrpe.cfg is not check_disk, but check_disk1. If these are Windows boxes, the default command is nt_check_disk_. Check your Nagios configuration and compare with the nrpe.cfg file. Also, I’ve seen nrpe.cfg files where, upon install, the lines containing the command definitions have been commented out, so double-check that, too.

I’m not sure about that other issue with the blank values for Disk Space, though.
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