NRPE check: Works in one environment, Doesn't in anoth


I’m porting my installation from Ubuntu server to Fedora Core 9. All my service checks are good except for my NT services with NRPE under FC9…for only 2 servers in the DMZ. All other servers with those same NRPE checks work without issue. My CPU & Memory load NRPE checks run without issue on those 2 DMZ servers. They have multiple IP’s, so set to bind to only one, and set the allowed_hosts=both Nagios servers.

On my windows box, I receive this message:
2008-09-20 15:58:36; 6976; 7;Running command: C:\Program Files\NRPE_NT\service_nrpe_nt.exe ""
2008-09-20 15:58:36; 6976; 7;Command completed with return code 0

I’m a bit flustered on this one. Anyone got any ideas? Any more information I can provide?



the diskspace_nrpe_nt, memload_nrpe_nt, & cpuload_nrpe_nt work fine.

it’s service_nrpe_nt.exe that’s being troublesome.