//nrpe error

Can anyone tell me what this means. I’m trying to start up nrpe on remote host but i can’t. I read the logs and it says Unable to open file //nrpe.cfg contained errors bailing out. I’ve never seen this before.

How do i correct this problem.

Thanks ahead of time.


How are you trying to start the host? Are you running it from the CLI or with the startup script?

It looks like mayhap it can’t find nrpe.cfg? If running NRPE with the startup script, edit it to make sure the path to nrpe.cfg (your NRPE daemon configuration file) is correct. If running from CLI, try

**nrpe -d path/nrpe.cfg

I suppose you might be trying to run it under inetd or xinetd, which I’m not at all familiar with.