NRPE + Flap Detection


Hi. I have NSClient ++ with NRPE enabled installed on Windows server. I make a perl script that just print “All working fine” and exit with status 0. I put it in scripts folder on windows server, defined service in config file on Nagios server. All works fine and I can see status of script execution through Nagios web-interface but there is comment for this service too:
"Notifications for this service are being suppressed because it was detected as having been flapping between different states (21.7% change >= 20.0% threshold). When the service state stabilizes and the flapping stops, notifications will be re-enabled."
What’s wrong? Is it something with my script? It’s sheduled to run every 30 minutes.


And you can run the check manually from your nagios box, and consistently have it work?
have a look at:

I turned flapping off on my installations as it can be a little quirky