Nrpe is up and not running


i’m having an hard time with the nrpe plugin
it works, but not always
i mean, it goes like this…
Most of the time the service detail cgi shows only the direct checks and hide the ones made by the nrpe, but if you reload/refresh the page after a while it shows all the services.
unfortunately after awhile it goes back the initial situation (hiding)
the nrpe is working fine, but nagios does’t display his(nrpe) checks all the time
any guess/hint/advice?


You have more that one nagios running.
/etc/rc.d/init.d/nagios stop
ps -ef|grep nagios
kill any of the nagios procs running.
make sure with another ps -ef|grep nagios.
If and only if, all are dead, start nagios. Problem solved.


that’s it!
thanks for the help
now i’ve got a new question, but i’ll post it in another thread


Your kidding, I was right? Damn, I’ve got a lucky streak like you wouldn’t believe.