NRPE losing arguments to shell script


remote nrpe cmd setup: command[doshell]=/home/nagios/tests/ $ARG1$ $ARG2$
The script is retartedly simple (what I do best):
echo INPUTS: $1 $2
exit 0

Invoking from remote’s cmd line works, due to its well designed simplicity.

Invoking from NAGIOS monitoring host’s NRPE plugin gets me this:

libex/check_nrpe -H remotehost -c doshell myparm1 myparm2


It seems the parameters don’t get passed into the shell script for whatever reason. I’m hoping I’ve messed up the config, but it’s not obvious to me yet how… obviously.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Never mind. Just figured out that I needed to use ‘-a’ in front of the arguments with check_nrpe.